In-Depth Theory Assignment

This page provides extra details and examples about the In-Depth Theory assignment. Please see the assignments page for assignment descriptions, deadlines, and how-to pieces.

I have assigned your theories for this assignment and your assigned peer to review. You can view it here AGCOM844.Inforgraphics.Fall2018, along with all of your infographics you created this semester.

A few more details about this assignment. First, the target audience for this assignment is your class. You will be teaching another student about this theory through your infographic.  A few notes on content…As you are gathering the history of your theory, it will be helpful for you to find the seminal article related to the theory. This simply means it was the first article where the theory was introduced. You will certainly want to include recent information to share with your classmates on how the theory has evolved or change and how it has been applied to agriculture or how you see that it could be applied to agricultural communications. Look here for help on finding seminal articles and here for finding in-depth information in Google searches. The assignments section has many more details and instructions, but note that your final product will be an infographic submitted in K-State Online Canvas.

I will use the following rubric to evaluate your assignment:

Criteria Pts
History of the theory 17.0 pts
Disciplines that utilize the theory 17.0 pts
Example cases/articles utilizing the theory 16.0 pts
Controversies surrounding the theory (Are there differing views on the interpretation of the theory? Are there people who question if it should be a theory?) 16.0 pts
How is it being used to understand agricultural communication OR if it is not currently being used in agricultural communication how could it be used?) 17.0 pts
Effectiveness of communication (flow, engagement, clarity, writing quality) 17.0 pts

Below are some examples of the In-Depth Analysis of a Theory Assignment. These are real examples, but feel free to be creative and think of new ways to express your theory.

Media Ecology Theory

Media EcologyTheory-1

Media EcologyTheory-2


andersonhannah_1433_4808041_In Depth Theory Agenda Setting Theorydigioialeah_111998_4815945_excellence theory pg 1.fwdigioialeah_111998_4815949_excellence theory 2a.fwpetersonchristina_114659_4800433_Theory Of Planned Behavior Infographic Template2reiddeanna_112191_4810044_1reiddeanna_112191_4810045_2richardsonashlyn_114798_4798158_Keeping the Creative Juices Flowing at Homerichardsonashlyn_114798_4798163_Keeping the Creative Juices Flowing at Home (1)sankeyalyssa_115220_4806856_In Depth Theory Analysis_TAM_A. Sankeytullykelsey_110212_4809924_1tullykelsey_110212_4809925_2woofterjessica_1503_4806209_Gatekeeping Infographiczagonelanissa_17043_4803169_Zagonel_Knowledge Gap 






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